dn42 Network

By Woodie


dn42 is a decentralised network designed to help people learn internet technologies such as BGP. It works in a similar way to the real internet, with people registering for ASNs and IPv4/6 address space, setting up their own BGP daemon, and peering with other dn42 users. dn42 uses for its IPv4 space and fd00::/8 for IPv6.

My network

My dn42 ASN is AS4242422253. I have for IPv4 and fd36:dee8:4ab5::/48 for IPv6. I have nodes around the world, with them all connected internally using iBGP, ensuring that packets get routed to the correct server no matter which node they hit. More details about my dn42 network can be seen on my dn42 site woodie.dn42 (only accessible from inside the dn42 network).

Learn More

To find out more about the dn42 network, please visit the dn42 wiki.