Minecraft Server Creator

By Woodie


MCServerCreator is a command-line program that I made that automatically creates the files necessary to run a Minecraft server. It supports Forge, Fabric, Vanilla, Bukkit, Spigot and Paper server software and all versions between 1.7 and 1.16.5. Whenever Minecraft updates, I will update the program to that version very quickly. You can download it from GitHub.

False Virus Warnings

For some odd reason, my program is falsely detected as a virus, maybe due to the fact that it downloads the server software (which may seem like a program downloading a trojan to a virus scanner). Here is a VirusTotal scan of the latest version which shows that only a few virus scanners think it is a virus.

Windows Protected Your PC

This is because not many people use this program so Windows is warning you, saying it doesn't know how safe it is because there isn't enough data from when people are running it. Press more info and then run anyway to keep running the program.

New version

The current version is written in Batch but I am working on a whole rewrite of the program in C++ which should make it faster, use less CPU/RAM and make it be able to run on other operating systems more easily. I have finished the new code and it just being tested by some of my friends before I release it to the public.


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